Introducing The Presentation Book 2.0

I am so thrilled to announce the second edition of The Presentation Book has just been released.Below is the official press release.

Creating presentations has become a large part of many people’s jobdescriptions, but how many of us are actually trained in how to do this? An over-reliance on PowerPoint slides and a muddled approach to content means that presentations often fail to get their
point across, becoming a chore thatpeople resent giving and resent listening
to rather than a useful opportunity to share important information and win new

Step forward The Presentation Book by Emma Ledden, an invaluable bible
on the art of crafting effective andinteresting presentations. Published by
Pearson on 27th December 2016, the second edition of this global bestseller
will forever change perspectives on how to both create and give presentations.
For those whose goal this new year is to improve their public speaking skills to
boost career prospects, The Presentation Book is a vital addition to their library.
After all, who better to learn from than a professional presenter who has
commanded the attention of 3 million people?

The book will help readers to:
»» Follow a clear three-step process tocreate an effective presentation
»» Hone their skills as a presenter toengage the audience’s attention
»» Design the right slides and visuals
»» Provoke the presentation revolution!

The techniques used in the book:

The Presentation Book combines Emma’s presenting expertise from her 10 year
career in TV and radio with practical,real life examples and templates for
guidance. She has developed a unique three-step process called audiencefocused
presenting, a methodology that can be applied to any type of
presentation to turn it from average toamazing. From the importance of using
stories to command an audience’s attention to selecting visuals that
reinforce the presenter’s message. Emma shares the skills she learned as a
professional presenter to help readers create presentations that are guaranteed
to be a success. As well as for those who regularly present to the corporate world,
her approach is also perfect for peoplewho have been asked to speak at a
public event such as a wedding, lecture or seminar.

You can buy The Presentation Book here