Join The Presentation Revolution

Have you ever watched;

  •  A television personality and admired how natural and calm they are while presenting?
  •  A Ted talk speaker and wondered what their secret is ?
  • A business leader present with influence and impact and wished you could emulate it?

Well now you can !

Hi there. My name is Emma Ledden and on this blog I will  share the skills I learned as a professional presenter for MTV and the BBC to help you  create presentations that are guaranteed to be a success. You will find blogs, videos, tips and strategies based on my unique three-step presentation approach called audience-focused presenting, a methodology that can be applied to any type of presentation to turn it from average to amazing !

My passion is presentation and  I have written two books. The Presentation Book and The Communication Book.

The Presentation Book will show you how to;

» Follow a clear three-step process to create an effective presentation

» Hone your skills as a presenter to engage the audience’s attention

» Design the right slides and visuals

The techniques used The Presentation Book combine my  presenting expertise from my 10 year career in TV and radio with practical, real life examples and templates helping you create presentations that are guaranteed to be a success.

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The Communication Book 

Learn to communicate like a pro so you can instantly connect, engage, influence and get the results you want.

The Communication Book is your straightforward, practical and expert guide to the secrets of great communication for all the important scenarios you face in business today.

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